21 January 2012


This is a work of fiction.

It was 23 times in 56 days. Yes 23 times. I counted it every time. Every bloody time  Because I always yearned it more, every time she left. She had something in her, that drew me close to her. And every night we slept together, somehow one brick would fall. From the wall, that I had built around my heart. And I liked it. Liked what she did to me. Liked how mad she drove me. Liked the passion, the fire, the heated skin. Oh my, what a girl she was!

But I didn't knew the game. Not until today. I never understood her purpose. And it boils my blood now, when I think how clever she was. Or rather what a fool I have been ! Bloody fool ! I blurted out everything to her. All that I had wrapped within. Now I remember why she gave in to me. Why a girl, who so much believes in tradition and those rubbish things, agreed to lose her v, to a stranger. She wanted to know. She bloody wanted to know all which I had refused to let her know. But she found her way. On bed. And she being so sensuous, I could never say her no to her questions.

But now I regret. Regret for letting her know my past. My bloody past. That drove me to sleep with girls. Now I hate the girls all the more. They all are bloody same.


  1. Ms C,

    In throes of passion one does commit what otherwise one may not. However what made him that way is still a mystery.

    Take care

  2. Jack, True. What made him, is a mystery, but then questions which answers everything, dont thrill too much right ?

  3. What happened with you was definitely a tragedy. But you can't really blame all the girl, just for one such girl you had bad experience with. The world is a mixure of both good and bad together. Every good thing makes you to wait patiently, but the bad easily prevails and stays long.

  4. Elvirah, I take that as compliment that my fiction seemed so real that you actually wrote the truth. I am glad and am still smiling. Indeed, that was unexpected :)

  5. it was a little uncertain end...but a nice read...:)


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