5 January 2012


the passing clouds
stand still
the earth
 seems to spin


  1. that is what happens when you are on trip.. ;)

  2. I used to love to lie in the grass and watch the clouds pass as a child, this poem brought me back there, thank you.

  3. I am imagining the scene... with the song line from kabhie kushi kabhie gham, "mein tehra raha... zameen chal ne lagi..." :)

  4. Bhakt, hahaha it can happen other times too ;):D

    rch, glad words made you visit at old times :)

    Suresh, thanks for reminding! But these words conveyed much deeper than the mentioned. Hope somebody gets to knwo them ! No offense though ! :)

  5. well, at first let me apologize for my BS talks..(that was my major, can't help it..).. well,never mind..
    but what I really want to say is I like the look and the title of your blog very much..its simplicity is the identity of its sophistication..and i really appreciate the graphics..did you design it? what I think is this graphics perfectly describes the title..it depicts the motions of life.

    Wish you all the best.

  6. No need to apologize, its really fine .. I am actually glad you came to read the comment again :) And regarding the graphics, I wish i could lie that its mine :P but its not. It was from some pic wiht a kid, I just took the part which appealed to me.I had named my blog long back, but was waiting for a suitable pic. I searced all over the net until I realized I already have the pic I need. I am glad my efforts didn't go futile :)

  7. Ms C,

    Read all current posts. It is really admirable to let emotions or faults show as said in Dark Spots. Enjoyed the twist in Connection, this happens when one tries to mask identity. Reverse shows imagination let loose.

    Take care

  8. I am glad you read the posts :) Well i guess you didn't recoginize me yet. And like always, thank you so much for your comment. They make me smile so much:)

  9. Earth seems to spin....

    Great thought !!!

  10. Prakash, it does, always, isn't it ? We just tend to forget :)


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