11 January 2012


It was dark
and darker it went
and shades of life
came in slides
it raised curtains
stains and soaps it gave
it hasn't end

I am waiting
for life
to close its chapter
but the lessons
are still pending

One more attempt
to take my life
ended in
life's one more chance
to wake me up
for new tomorrow

What shall it bring
for I have lost
all hopes
I am living
yet inside
a part of me
has lost its soul

I will live
perhaps to die again
and I shall win 
one day
I will quit this game

All attempts then
shall prove futile
but till then
hope I fight

But for now
this pain shall remind
of the deeper scar
that pierced me
and life
who kept me alive

Whose attempt shall
prove fruitful
that remains
a mystery

PS : So, if you have read this poem kudos, for this was nothing more than a rambling. Trying to get back my thoughts. You see, a failed suicide attempt yesterday, so obviously my mind is yet to get back to this world. No comfort, no words of solace please. I am alive, and if you are caring enough to know how I am, the wound shall heal. So thanks.


  1. Thomas Edison described his more then 900 unsuccessful attempts of making bulbs as the discovery of 900 ways that cant produce an electric bulb..what an obsession!

  2. Ms C,

    I thought you had much stronger will power and fighting spirit. Come on, stop being such a spineless girl. Take on odds as those come in life and WIN. We are with you.

    Take care

  3. Err.... whatever it is i hope u vil get over it... Isn't it in moments of pain, that the best comes out...
    The poem was still good
    ****I am waiting for life to close its chapter but the lessons seems are still pending ****


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