7 January 2012

Circles # 1

An unknown journey transports to unknown destination.


  1. Ms C,

    Well, may be but many a times to wonderful destinations. You have foxed me now. Kindly do let me know, if not here then on my mail id. Thanks

    Take care

  2. Now I understand why my father never talked much about the destination when he took me out for a hair-cut..thanks for the post. :D

  3. Its dg :)

    Bhakt, hahaha good that he didn't say. Otherwise you might .. err.. forget it :P

  4. oh yess..i remember how I used to scream..I do hate barbers. and I still do..but unknown destination..that's really interesting!!

  5. Maybe thats why people rightly say, what you hate , you have no option to go away coz life diverts your route that way .. philo right? and yes, 99 of the times, destinatkions are not known to us right ?


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