17 January 2012


I gave you
a chance
to prove me

You took it up
accepted it
and proved that
I was
always right


  1. it can be satisfying to be right, I like how you've pointed that out, you're so right 8^D

  2. Ms C,

    It is own perception. One may be right but wrong also at the same time or otherway round too.

    Take care

  3. Being RIGHT has its own kinda pain..at times..

  4. rch, thanks ! even if m wrong, m still right,ain't i ?:P

    Jack, right. that applies in all aspects right ? then on what basis do we decide something as right or wrong ?

    Prateek, really! And who else can answer that better than those who experienced that !

  5. Ms C,

    Right you are. It is for every aspect of life. One should decide as per own conscience as well as by putting self in others' shoes too.

    Take care

  6. :D
    when you admit that you are wrong and someone else says that you are right..then the fact is..you both are right..isn't it?

  7. Jack, that complicates things most of the times, isn't it ?

    Bhakt, Well, i am not and never will be right, always. and read the starting lines, i did know i was wrong, yet the opposite person that what i was wrong about, actually m right. And hey bdw, that is just a fictional thought, rather an obbservation, no personal grudge or anything so ..

  8. "....i am not and never will be right.." guess you are leftist then.. :) but I'm Not a racist..(so no offense even if you are)..moreover..the life itself is a fiction and the truth is something else perhaps..but it's just my personal view.

    and thanks for the Chance again..cause those fictional thoughts are very much personal like the truth.

    all the best.

  9. Bhakt, that was genric statement. No person can always be right, right? Yes, life is a fiction and a reality, blended together, Just that the proportion varies always, to different persons.

    Kindly don't thank me for the words. Its my observation, and would say personal experience too, just that they had been expereinced a long time ago. But they had come out, from an observation recently. I am glad you liked the poem, because it is true to many and most aspects of the life.

  10. :):)you have engraved reality in a very few lines...liked it...

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  12. Thanks brInDle :)Not many likes reality :)


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