8 January 2012


All along
that circled around
now I try to
 invent them
the boundary line
I am still unaware
which is difficult -
to let it 
hang outside 
or make them

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  1. Ms C,

    One should live as per own conscience. Set own limits but making sure that those do not hurt someone's faith. We live in society but that does not mean that we forgo our individuality.

    Take care

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  3. hmm..putting the thoughts within a boundary..either you are playing safe..or you are a genius..not explaining the reasons..but surely you are..indeed..just let me know if you know how to justify my words.. :)

  4. Making them confined can be a temporary arrangement only...

    Nicely put...

  5. Jack, isn't that the reason of the confusion ? The word limit has differnt meanings and different length to each individual, so how does one think he is within those boundaries yet his individuality is protected ?

    Bhakt, do you think that 'genius' is the right word ? coz of all people I know who are doing this, they ain't happy ( of course who can be, with thick fence of restriction binding their thoughts that are menat to be free?

    Prakash, true. But over a period time, unconsciously they become a permanent part too, isn't it ?

  6. Ms C,

    It is not impossible, may be difficult. Let me just give one simple example. One likes to be dressed as per own comfort and liking. At home one may even move about bare but when stepping out it would be prudent to be in acceptable attire.

    Take care

  7. True .. I agree with that. But then most of the matters are not easy as choosing to dress or not ? Its about choosing the right dress na from the wardrobe of options?

  8. Ms C,

    One can still do it, isn't it?

    Take care


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