31 January 2012


All that's 
confined in heart 
in words 

All that
flow in words
still remains 
confined in heart
Image Source : Kurzweil

29 January 2012



"Hey baby" Shruti smiled wide seeing his face. " I hope I haven't made you wait long" 

" Not at all" and he planted a soft kiss on her lips.Shruti blushed as she hadn't expected such warmth on being late. After sometime, as they settled in their usual rusty bench in the park, Ravi broke the silence. 

" What happened ?"

Shruti was a little surprised at the question. "Nothing. Why you asking ?" she looked at him, as if she didn't understood his question nor the sudden spring of concern.

"You were limping. What happened ?"

"How do you know ? I was walking normally." she counter questioned to avoid the answer 

Ravi smiled. "We have been together for 6 months now. You think I don't observe your movements?"

"Oh its nothing. I just fell down from the bike." she said looking at two kids who were fighting for their turn, near the swing

"Oh ..you okay? When? How? Where ? Why didn't you tell me ?" there was obvious concern in his voice

She turned her head to look in his eyes, only to find them moist "Hey relax. I am fine" she whispered

"Hmmmm" he held her hands tightly, letting his touch explain his concern.

"Relax Ravi. It's very common for me to get hurt every now and then. Its been a habit now.I keep stumbling at every other thing almost every day. In fact, if I don't get stuck any day, it means something is wrong with me" Shruti laughed, her mind tuning to recent silly instances.

Ravi stared at her face that was glowing with her laughter. He just kept looking at her, as if trying to understand what she exactly wanted to convey, or rather what didn't even run in her mind. While her eyes were transfixed on two kids, who were still fighting. She let out a chuckle when she saw one of the kids outsmarting the other, and swinging joyously.  It then dawned to her that her ever chatty sweetheart was quiet today. She turned to look to him, and saw that his eyes were still stuck on her, and a tear, in the mean time, had rushed out.

"Heyy.. what happened ? I am okay. Really." Shruti melt. She didn't expect Ravi to react so much for a casual injury."Speak something" she nudged him.

"You won't ever get hurt from now on okay? I won't let you. You can't be and I won't let you be careless about yourself. Coz  I love you" Ravi said passionately, his tone reflecting the depth of his words, which he meant truly. Shurti broke the stream of tears and hugged him tight. Today, she was confident, no matter what her past has bestowed her with, life would quit its habit of snatching lovables from her.

6 months later, 

"How did you get hurt?" the doctor enquired.

"Small accident." a quick reply came in

"Its a fracture. You need to take rest. And please Shruti, be careful when you drive. There could have been more damage. You could have got more hurt .." the words fell on deaf ears ..

"Its fine doctor. It has become a habit now" an emotionless mumble echoed in the room. Shruti took the support of the wall, limping her way through the door. After all, walls were the only support she was left with ..   

Some habits don't die at all ..

27 January 2012


1+2 = 4
2-1 = 4
3/2 = 4
4*0 = 4
1/4 = 4
1-3 = 4
2*2 = 4
2-4 = 4
3*1+1-2 = 4
1+2+3 = 4
1-2 =  4
4-1+0 = 4
3*2 = 4
1+1= 4
3-4 = 4
and the permutation and combination goes on and on

Confused ? This is what people have in their mind when you say just 4(and nothing more)

PS : 4 was just a random number chosen. No offence against other numbers ;)
Image Source : Dreamstime