1 January 2012


She loved his blog. There was something in it. His thoughts. Yes, his thoughts. They spoke lot.. It would hit the most bottom layer of her mind. Not that she agreed always though. There were more differences in their thoughts, but his words were powerful. Strikingly true. And she grew fond of him, rather his pattern of thoughts, his different ways of describing things, or saying different things, she didn't know. It has been more than a year since she started to read his blog. She never left a comment to mark her presence, nor did he ever knew he was admired by her so much . He wrote anonymously, and she read as an anonymous reader.

And one day, he stopped writing, she stopped reading, both occurring on same day. They never felt the need. Because now both knew the other anonymous, so well. They were siblings who shared same roof, now they started to share their thoughts. 


  1. The seed never asks the tree how had she shed her into the ground..it just grows alike.

  2. Wow.. thats beautifully said :):)

  3. We can see more of a person by reading his works rather than listening to him talk....

  4. Suresh, it depends. Haven't you heard some people can read others like a book even if they are interacting. It all depends on perception :)


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